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Martin about lost

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Martin about lost

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toxxxique wrote on Aug 3rd 2004, 11:06:20 about


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When you are dreaming, your eyelids shiver. Your body is separated from your mind. The faces you see are subconscious reflections. All the paths are made of neuronal activity. Nothing is real. You can walk through walls if you like. Sometimes you fly or lose all your teeth.

Can you get lost in a dream?

@@ Emily Aphra @@ wrote on Jun 29th 2001, 21:24:19 about


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Little Bo-peep has lost her sheep,
And doesn't know where to find them;
Leave them alone, and they'll come home,
Wagging their tails behind them.

KD wrote on Feb 25th 2003, 17:40:20 about


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»We are lostVidalia picked her onion skin and began to cry.

Frank said, »No one ever gets lost on the Lost Highway. It's like that highway in New Jersey that Bruce Springsteen always goes on about

Vidalia wailed, the sun beat down, and Mr Piccadilly's long shadow appeared on the horizon. Frank waved and jumped.

»Oh my good polo stick!« Piccadilly clapped Frank on the back. »You know souls in the electron microscape can always transmigrate.«

»Never mind communicateFrank said, then began to fish something from between his teeth.

Phaedrus wrote on May 24th 2001, 21:26:16 about


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Once lost, Jupiter himself cannot bring back opportunity.

Publilius Syrus wrote on May 24th 2001, 19:14:43 about


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What is left when honor is lost?

proton wrote on Feb 14th 2001, 12:25:07 about


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lost souls wandering in the electron nightscape net can not communicate

whoshares wrote on Jun 7th 2001, 02:43:00 about


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What is right when honor is lost?

Nashota Jordan wrote on Feb 25th 2001, 03:30:51 about


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Lost. I would be lost without my twin.

Natasha was born first. That's why she is named Natasha.

Then I came along. A surprise to our mother. And so I was named Nashota, twin.

Natasha and I have been together ever since. Well, sometimes we aren't physically in the same location. But I can always feel her presence and she can always feel mine.

[das flederwiesel] wrote on Sep 24th 2001, 09:40:44 about


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»What once is lost you can never lose againThat's what she said. And sadly I know that she was right.

Daniel Arnold wrote on Jul 29th 2002, 01:33:40 about


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So much knowledge is lost all the time.

(And sometimes it seems the new cannot take its place.)

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