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Aunt Mabel wrote on Apr 21st 2001, 11:50:15 about


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I have never regretted any of the major choices I have made in my life.

There are some minor ones I would not make again. But they are not important enough to regret.

quotidian wrote on Apr 2nd 2001, 05:31:22 about


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Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.


 – Sir Winston Spencer Churchill (1874-1965)
 – Address at Harrow School [October 29, 1941]

questor wrote on Aug 8th 2004, 20:55:50 about


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Will you never be content?

purplesage wrote on May 24th 2001, 17:55:51 about


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Better late than never.

space happy wrote on Mar 31st 2001, 06:12:38 about


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I've never been to outer space.

But I've explored my inner space often.

nOvJuL wrote on Apr 3rd 2001, 01:53:34 about


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born to boundaries

curled within the narrow circle

you breathe above

That center infinitely falling

to never

angrynerd wrote on Feb 12th 2001, 11:11:16 about


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Never. Not ever. Not even once. The absence of existence, the absence of condition.

You may have thought so at the time, but you never loved me.

n8chz wrote on Jun 4th 2010, 05:31:53 about


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What happens in never never land, stays in never never land.

Gi$elle wrote on Mar 9th 2001, 05:45:27 about


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When I was left at court as a pledge by my father, I thought that I would never see my home again, never walk over those green hills or run between the trees of the forest.

But now, twenty years later, I am returning. A lady in my own right.

Or a right which is mine at least. For I have purchased it with my life and my blood and my birth of sons.

bconstan wrote on Dec 2nd 2002, 23:30:24 about


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It really is impossible to deny a happening by saying »Never« – it's a word of such absolution, yet until the day comes (in 2023, I hear) when we can foresee the future, »never« should not be used.

bang wrote on Sep 23rd 2004, 19:43:14 about


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Ever always. Trees trees hands. That's Norwegian poetry in a nutshell.

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