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first horseman about revelation
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Tania and Adrian about revelation
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rimmer wrote on Apr 23rd 2001, 03:52:03 about


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It came upon him with the force of sudden revelation.

Arsenik wrote on Jun 8th 2002, 10:23:50 about


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and god shall come upon the land...

Tania and Adrian wrote on Jun 28th 2005, 06:53:50 about


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The most amazing revelation I have ever had is that no matter what happens to me in the grand scheme of things it is no big tragedy cos life just keeps on keeping on until it stops!

first horseman wrote on Apr 13th 2001, 19:30:37 about


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the final battle has begun
and we have already won
thousand years are one day
you see
you know
you do

Salem wrote on May 12th 2001, 18:41:46 about


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Revelation, the four horsemen ride
Hail, fire and blood fall on Satan´s throne

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