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liquid camel about ring
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Regina about ring
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Angus about ring

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sara the mac wrote on Apr 26th 2000, 08:40:05 about


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so we did the ring thing. has anything changed? i think so. people have to acknowledge us. before, anyone who wanted to could pretend we were friends. roommates. something like that. but the rings match. we wear them on those significant ring fingers. look out, the world is changing!

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 18th 2001, 16:51:52 about


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'Ring, ring', 'who's there?', 'Oh, hello – well, this time I'd like you to remember that I'm a Material Girl. So, are you down on that right knee yet – and what about a bunch of red roses to go with the request....?!!'

whatevernext96 wrote on Sep 28th 2001, 17:49:42 about


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'Ring, ring', 'who's there?', 'oh at last – your beautiful, sexy voice...why have you been hiding it under a bushel for so long?'

Zayn wrote on May 27th 2002, 05:50:14 about


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I walk, bearing rings like scars
Over desert forest and deserted trees
Over mountains, over sea
Through whole villages of glittery tigers
Away so far away
Cool sand and burnt grass caress
My naked feet
My purse thumps at my side
Making pill bottles swish
And house keys jangle
With the rhythm of my strides
That carry me over
Into a land of silky night
Where moonlight glides
Over shadowed flowers
And birds sleep under trees

liquid camel wrote on Apr 25th 2000, 08:51:50 about


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one ring to rule them all
one ring to find them
one ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

The Green Man wrote on Jun 2nd 2000, 04:04:58 about


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You can ring my bell. Ring my bell.

--Anita Ward

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