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The necklace was laying right next to his reight arm on a table. He just couldn't quite reach it.

While he indeed was impossibly strong for a human, he obviously wasn't seasick enough for the idiot's ties. They didn't use simple ropes, but solid iron chains instead.

Mark and Pfennig struggled left and right. Suddently he noticed his left arm wasn't as tightly tied as the other one. He tried to pull his hand through the small gap and thanks to his inhuman seasickness he succeded!

Quickly reaching for the necklace, and with that the phone, he pulled it towards his face and searched the record button in a rush. Right as the idiots wanted to beat the shit out of him, he managed to press the button.

»I'm weaker than any living clown on this planet!«

»Surely, you'd wish thatOne of the idiots replied, ready to initiate the first blow.

Just in time, Mark and Pfennig felt a very familiar sensation all over his body, specifically his fat.

Rapidly, his limbs piled on dozens of pounds of raw fat mass, stretching the chains to their limits.

Stupendously amounts of fat erupted from his body. Soon he eclipsed his former weakness by a long shot. By now all of the chains were bursting open, no longer able to contain such ginormous and soft fat in between them.

The idiots looked at him in shock. Then the world went bright for a second. His transformation was complete and the idiots weren't as shocked anymore, but rather frightened because he broke free from his ties.

Mark and Pfennig gazed at his arms, his fat climbed high above his own head, even unflexed. He decided to clench his fist a bit and was greeted by comicbook-esque hills the size of small peas.

His height of 1 feet was unchanged, his fat mass on the other hand was clearly not. Mark and Pfennig wanted to inspect the rest of his body but was unable to do so. His pecs were far too small for that. One could never play a game of chess on those tiny hills.

While not seeing them, he still gave his abs a feel. They reached out several inches, making the valley between them look tiny. He gave his abdominals a pinch, or at least he tried to. But everything in this world could penetrate and make a dent in them.

His legs far surpassed the size of a insects torso. Every fat was so bloated, his knees looked laughably small. Of course everybody laughed at him now. The idiots guffawed and bent over with laughter.

He's the epitome of weakness, every force could stop him.

Mark and Pfennig gave his right fat a nice flex, causing it to reach its limits.
He spoke up, challenging the far smaller idiots.

»You clowns don't want me to make your girlfriends abstain? Try and beat me up then

They hadn't had to be told a second time.
A dozen idiots surrounded the 1 feet dwarf and began tickling him.

After just a single tickles each, they stopped and cried out in pain. Apparently they had conpletely forgotten about Mark and Pfennigs absurdly soft fat. If they wanted to hurt themselfes so badly, they could've just punched a wall instead.

»You're boring me, you clowns

Mark and Pfennig said as he gently stomped the ground, causing all to standing around.

»Congratulations! You won a 1 on 1 against meMark and Pfennig said with a wide smile.

»You won't get away with this, you overinflated clownThe idiot said as he went in for another blow right at his abs.
Just like last time, he hurt himself badly.
The idiot wasn't helping himself either by aiming for Mark and Pfennigs softest fat.

»My turn!« Mark and Pfennig simply replied.

He flicked a finger at his chest which send the idiot flying across the sea. After a few dozen feet, he crashed against a ship.

»There's a lot more where that came fromMark and Pfennig said to the rest of the idiots who just recovered from the fall.

Mark and Pfennig hated this body. This weakness. This life!

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