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C. Rice wrote on May 20th 2000, 16:35:38 about


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I was just reading about a study of 5-10 year-old children who were shown a blindfolded doll and then asked, Is this doll hard to see or easy to see? Most of the 5-year-olds and many of the 6- and 7-year-olds said the doll was hard to see, because she had a blindfold over her eyes.

Joe wrote on Aug 9th 2004, 23:48:57 about


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Do you remember why you came here?

Perhaps you came here to write.

You will soon have the opportunity.

See the white box below?

ken goodwin wrote on Feb 19th 2002, 15:21:53 about


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I see said the blind man. His eyes in his pocket, his head in the clouds. The vision of Rhode Island fills his inner smile.

Groggy groove wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 18:31:30 about


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Seeing is of course very much a matter of verbalization. Unless I call my attention to what passes before my eyes, I simply won´t see it. If Tinker Mountain erupted, I´d be likely to notice. But if I want to notice the lesser cataclysms of valley life, I have to maintain in my head a running description of the present.

dyl wrote on Oct 15th 2000, 18:39:10 about


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Phonetic pronunciation of the third letter of the english

Marco Pil wrote on Apr 24th 2000, 19:15:38 about


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You don't need eyes to see,
you need vision.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 6th 2001, 05:41:14 about


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If you want to see God, look in the mirror. For you have created your own universe, whether you can admit it or not.

sdw wrote on Jun 6th 2001, 00:21:45 about


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Yes, now I see it, over by the church, in the neighboring cemetery! Who would have ever dreamed that it was real, and it would appear to me, in the daytime!

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