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Josh wrote on Apr 8th 2015, 13:06:10 about


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Okay guys, who is gonna spank me now?
on Mar 13th 2015, 16:28:30, Josh wrote the following about
Over decades a good and sound spanking was the best and most used punishment for naughty boys. It really hurt and was quite effective. I know because my parents were heavy spankers. Sure, I used to hate it at that time. But today I really appreciate every single spanking I received, as those were the driving power forcing me to learn my necessary lessons for life.

Now I am 25 years old and sometimes I tend to be somewhat lazy again, like in my boyhood. And I truly believe that the best motivation for me to overcome this idleness, would be a severe spanking.

I am looking for a male who would administer such punishments on my bare buttocks whenever I need it.

So, if you are interested in spanking a very good looking young man, please let me know by leaving a note here at this internet-blaster under the keyword »punishment«.

Uncle Robert wrote on Aug 22nd 2016, 21:54:52 about


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I must admit that I am addicted to spanking. Yes it hurts a lot, but it is absolutely an important part of my life.

Caspar wrote on Oct 3rd 2006, 20:06:32 about


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A letter to remember I have sent today. Thanks.

Hallo Realist, your story THE ANGST OF A TEENAGE BOY is one of the best I ever read in the mmsa – and I know a lot of very good ones here!! (Only to think for your own ones...)
When I did read the first part of the story two days ago, I thought you are telling *my* biography and all about *my* thinking when I was that age (and even today sometimes I'm feeling something like that – and may be you too, I suppose).
Having just read the second part I must say it's even greater – I'm very much hoping you can keep this way and this quality all the time!!!
Though I have never been at a public school and even though I *didn't* have this problem with erections all the time I thought for or saw a swishing, all the other stuff like bad feelings and fault and fear and wishful thinking not to be like that and feeling I'm the only one who feels this way and thinking I'm so wrong – all this feeling was my problem too!
You should know how grateful I am even now (58 years old!) to read this magnificent story of yours.

I'm looking forward to the next parts of »The Angst« and I hope to read a lot more such great stuff from you!

With kindest regards I'm yours,


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