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Dolly about trombone
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zinyadu about trombone
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on Apr 9th 2012, 00:09:19 wrote
zinyadu about trombone

on Feb 23rd 2002, 10:34:06 wrote
Edgar about trombone

on Mar 2nd 2002, 06:40:10 wrote
Genius about trombone

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Pacifist wrote on Aug 13th 2002, 06:50:00 about


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The trombone is the most beautiful sounding instrument in the world!! Even more beautiful sounding than the tuba.

Cat wrote on Feb 8th 2002, 06:09:39 about


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The trombone is the only instrument I remember him playing. That was such a long time ago, you see. I was eight then; now I am forty-two. His beautiful, melodic improvisation was my first experience with the arts, and I am eternally grateful.

Dolly wrote on Nov 30th 2001, 03:26:10 about


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I love to play my trombone!!!!! I am a musical genius!!!!! Why don't you join me????? Learn to play the trombone!!!!!

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