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joanne about unkempt
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Reginald about unkempt
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Reginald wrote on Aug 7th 2004, 08:17:20 about


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Unkempt – disordered.

joanne wrote on Jul 2nd 2002, 07:09:24 about


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how unkempt my hair is
i wish i could do as i like as
freely as my hair does
whether it wants to behave
or not
the unkemptness is a reminder
of how random fufillment is.

joanne wrote on Jul 2nd 2002, 07:11:50 about


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the more i learn about people and human nature, the more i am disappointed. not that everyone is bad natured, but that the good natured have been hurt and bruised like soft fruit by the lesser members of society.
should the good natured people simply turn a harsh shoulder and grow a thick skin or do people agree with me that there is something wrong in this equation somewhere?

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