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on Apr 4th 2001, 21:46:24, gladiola marie wrote the following about


When I was a little girl, we found three abandoned kittens by the drainpipe in the alley next to the apartment building. It was a cold, rainy day and the kittens were soaked. My mother sent me upstairs to get some towels and we brought the kittens inside and dried them off.

Because of where we found them, we named them: Itsy, Bitsy and Spider.

Itsy and Bitsy were females. They were black with white paws. Itsy had a taller white »sock« on her left front leg.

Spider was a male. He was black with a white spot just to the left of his nose.

I was six then. Spider ran away when I was seven. We gave Bitsy to my cousin Angela who lived in an apartment down the block. But Itsy was my cat until I was fifteen. She died one night lying on the rug next to my bed.

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