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We always wanted to go to the strawberry field in our part of our town – of Munich – together. It was a phantasy of yours. But than it became mine, too. But we could only dream. The ocean and the distance between us made our connection much more intensive than it might have other wise been. I lost three years of my life dreaming with you. I gained soo much. Not just billy idol mp3s. You know, I really contemplated not going to Houston because of you – »Should I stay or should I go« was my favourite song. Now you are with her – she stayed – for an other guy not for you. Yes, she was on your hot list. Guess, she still is. I was once, too.
I think that our own indecisiveness kept us from ever doing it. No matter how many times we listened to »let's do it – let's fall in love« over and over again. But if the little blue bird who has never said a word only writes words, words, words and does not act..
You were too shy you didn't try – not hard enough anyway. I was too proud. I didn't appreciate the way you adored me enough. I was too young. Forgive me my cruelty. I hurt you when I did not know that you had hurt me already. It's fine. We are good. We did not deserve each other.

Your sweet sixteen

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