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lektro wrote on Jul 8th 2000, 02:10:09 about


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i have never been to darwin but my father went to alice springs which is not far from there (in outback miles) he brought back some glass dolphins and some aboriginal musical instruments – wooden carved sticks with burnt patterns on them which are used for hitting together to make the rhythms at corroborees

pingpong wrote on May 26th 2000, 15:51:44 about


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People attacking Darwin lack a sense of time. Two million years is not the same as two hundred million years. A lot more can happen.

There's no need to do it right the first time.

And, anyway, evolution produced frogs. Even I can do that, if you give me a few hundred million years.

rose wrote on Aug 23rd 2001, 13:04:13 about


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i like darwin because he wrote something appreciating about small, quick and aggressive things like me

Jean-Claude Choul wrote on Mar 13th 2002, 07:19:51 about


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Unger said: »Little known fact: Darwin's first name wasn't Charles, but Beelzabob. Really...« Really I don't see the relevance, even if it were true. According to my name I should limp, but apart from an inherited coxalgy, I don't. And I don't think Satan has evolved very much, except as a fly. Unger's statement is not only non linear, but also a sign of obscurantism.

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