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Julianne wrote on Apr 14th 2000, 06:31:23 about


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The U.S. government in its wisdom has decided that for its citizens, the nation of Iraq will be The Other, The Enemy. Since the former Soviet Union can no longer fill that role.

Why do we have to have any Other, any enemy? Is this one of those things I can blame on us having two lobes to our brain or something?

undercover wrote on Nov 18th 2002, 23:35:47 about


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What's In Saddam Hussein's Inbox?
Internet Security Freelancer Had Chance To Snoop

DURHAM, N.H. – So, what's in Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's e-mail inbox?

You might be surprised to find out that his might not look much different than the one you have – including spam.

Brian McWilliams is a freelancer who deals with Internet security, and he said he had a chance to snoop through an inbox that contains e-mail addressed to the Iraqi leader. After sifting through the official Iraqi Web site, he found the government-controlled site that lets people send e-mail to Saddam and lets officials check their accounts.

McWilliams said the most disturbing thing he found was the spam sent to Saddam from U.S. companies, offering business deals. That kind of offer would be illegal because of the U.S. sanctions against Iraq.

In addition, there were threats against the Iraqi leader – as well as requests for autographed photos.

One e-mail was from a California CEO claiming he could help ignite large portions of the atmosphere. Another requested an autograph. Both were among those inside Saddam Hussein's e-mail box that a journalist managed to hack into.

Josef wrote on Jun 22nd 2002, 19:37:12 about


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A little while ago, my friend came back from a trip to Russia. She was changing her Rubles back into Canadian dollars, and she decided, just for fun, to also get 250 Iraqi dinars. These, she showed us at the bar, that evening. I took the money, and folded it carefully in three places (the middle of Saddam's eyes and nose). This gives the effect of making the picture look either happy or sad depending on which way you tilt the money. This trick is good for hours of fun with any type of money, but it's extra-cute with Saddam. He has a droopy mustache when he's sad.

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