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conscious wrote on Apr 17th 2004, 20:57:10 about


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ı am conscious. you are conscious he/she is conscious we are conscious you are conscious they are conscious. Enough?

gerj wrote on Apr 21st 2001, 04:05:02 about


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I spoke to a girl about death
I said that death is an unselfish act
to mourn is selfish
everyone has to die. I wanna die natural, in my sleep. To know when you are going to die is to scary. death is inevitable Maybe if we knew what came after death we'd decide not to die. If we would see what came after death, possibly we would all decide to die. Which is why no one gets a preview. Maybe death is a cycle. If reincarnation exists it is a strange thing becuase if I have been reincarnated, I have no idea of my past life. It has been erased from my inner conciousness. Maybe it's subliminal, maybe I should take a closer look at my dreams, my unexplained inclinations and cravings. I love the smell of manure on farms, maybe I was a mite or a maggot or something. Well then, this must be my second life cause a maggot is a really low form of life...
She said she will probably die comitting suicide, a conscious decision. She said the strangest thing about death, the scariest thing to her is that to die is to lose your conscious thoughts. We are constantly talking and thinking to ourselves in our heads, we all know that. To die is to lose that.
I thought that what she said was oh so true. It is probably the reason for the fear of death. Suicide is either an act that occurs when someone doesn't recognize their concience, or it eats at their being, or it is a definite act of bravery to consiousless kill oneself. Suicide isn't so wrong. It is a personal decision, a conscious decision. An individual has his rights to his conscious or conscience, now I have the two mixed up one seems like awareness and awakedness and the other seems like a moral awareness of acts or something like that. I must be talking about self-consciousness. Well, anyway I mean, I don't know about overdose, maybe that can be excluded. A risk is just as conscious though. A person has his rights to death. People get upset and mournful when the fact is everyone must die sometime, what difference does it make to you if they die? There is some sympathy alloted to children though, whose parents die or children that die very young....

advert wrote on Jan 12th 2002, 18:28:17 about


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Consciousness is all too often confused with self-consciousness – when theorising, be sure to clarify which you are referring to.

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