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First text on Mar 31st 2001, 06:58:37 wrote
space happy about create
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Martin about create
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on Jan 5th 2005, 15:40:21 wrote
Gillabug about create

on Aug 27th 2007, 15:55:22 wrote
sorry about create

on May 3rd 2007, 21:47:10 wrote
cute teenie about create

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Daniel Arnold wrote on Sep 29th 2001, 07:16:44 about


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Now that I have come to »create« I recognize that until now there is only one text to find.
And this text is quiet good – and high rated -
so I do not know whether I should write another text or not.
But I think it's just to late.
As you see: the new text has already created itself.
You have just read it.

space happy wrote on Mar 31st 2001, 06:58:37 about


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Wherever I live, it's important to me to create a space which is my own.

It doesn't matter so much how large the space is--or how comfortable. Just so long as I have made it mine.

Sometimes all it takes is a place to sit and think. I go there to be alone...maybe drink a cup of tea or look out a window or light a candle.

Time in my space brings me together with myself.

add wrote on Nov 22nd 2001, 04:58:37 about


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create a situation that would please her so she can indulge

kapntoad wrote on Jul 29th 2002, 14:48:58 about


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Think one person can't make a difference? A mole can create that which is seen as a mountain.

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