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bwonder2 about crush
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oi about crush
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on Apr 26th 2005, 09:07:31 wrote
oi about crush

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the old pirate wrote on Mar 5th 2001, 03:57:58 about


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Know this as an immutable truth of the universe: Every American boy had a crush on Tinker Bell.

a wee girl wrote on Apr 16th 2000, 17:39:34 about


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Only one vowel difference to »crash«, but the effect is almost certainly the same.

sokimuy wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 06:11:04 about


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i still have one on someone who dropped me,
and i can not seem to stop the imaginings that that they will want to see me again. its been nine months!
daft fizz, virgin coke
partnership acquisition
haiku handmaiden.

bwonder2 wrote on Apr 10th 2000, 22:40:26 about


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I have a new crush every week. This week his name is not important. His missing phone call is.

Josef wrote on Apr 22nd 2000, 17:47:42 about


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Well, I've got a crush on a girl that I've never really talked to, and probably never will. She lives in a different city which is unknown to me, and will soon be going home. So... where does this feeling come from? Is it purely a physical attraction? And why the hell do we call it a »crushCurse you, Seventeen Magazine!

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