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snake about dirty
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darwin about dirty
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on Oct 20th 2001, 06:34:20 wrote
wigbomb about dirty

on Oct 20th 2001, 06:46:21 wrote
wigbomb about dirty

on Sep 24th 2005, 22:48:54 wrote
tinder about dirty

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Texts to »Dirty«

sdw wrote on Jun 6th 2001, 00:20:11 about


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It's time to get down and dirty, and see if we can't fix this dang thing.

snake wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 09:50:36 about


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This english Blaster-Version is completely different to the german one. It's not only the language, I guess. Well, nobody inserted a dirty keyword up till now. I'm surprised.

pip wrote on May 10th 2000, 04:47:45 about


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a scene framed in old oak – crafted by a dirty man – whose family lived in the same village for 300 years, all of them farmers but he – he rebelled, drifted away, up a hill to look at the clouds, met an old man with a knife and a smile, and watched as he wittled a thing into life, not that first day but eventually he cut himself but couldn't hide the joy and the pain of what he had learned – to create – his first feeling of control – when he returned home to feed and milk cows and churn butter and sing hymns nothing seemed like forever – he was not his father – he'd move on – and he did – and they're different, but we already knew that – that's how things change – and he never saw the picture that his work held, but they go together, they're what you see now – old, and beautiful, and

rachel a b wrote on Apr 15th 2000, 03:11:28 about


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When asked to »talk dirty« in a chat room, I said I could certainly do that: soiled diapers in a diaper pail, dishes crusting on the sink, throwing up that greenish luncheon meat from the back of the refrigerator ... That certainly cleaned out the chat room!

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