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Ben about eye

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20 about eye

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wigbomb about eye

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the old pirate wrote on Mar 11th 2001, 01:51:11 about


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There is something curiously odd about the expression »I saw it with my own eyes

Well, gosh, whose eyes might they have been otherwise?...

Strange language sometimes, English is.

Eye eye, Captain....

dhs wrote on Nov 19th 2004, 11:09:18 about


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The eyes of the dark-haired stranger revealed nothing.

The Green Man wrote on Jun 2nd 2000, 05:00:43 about


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I wanted to have an eye tattooed on my right palm, so that when I shook hands with a man, I could see into his soul.

(It never happened.)

Emmeline wrote on Jun 22nd 2001, 10:36:07 about


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Little Orphan Annie's eyes look like big blank zeroes.

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