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uglyduckling about menharem

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pancake about menharem

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lillyvelisilly about menharem

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uglyduckling wrote on Aug 26th 2005, 18:39:50 about


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the meaning is ambiguous. what I like is this: a place where a woman like me can go and choose among 77 men who are willing to spend the night with me. they should all be normal men like you find them in everyday life. the place shouldn't have the air of a red-light-district-place. (I think I would never leave the place again, would stay there all my life)

lilly vellisilly wrote on Mar 3rd 2007, 15:32:40 about


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wow. and when a woman comes inside to choose one of them they anxiously tremble in the hope to be taken this time.

pipi longstockings wrote on May 20th 2007, 15:12:55 about


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how beautiful the thought of it. could there be a time in history in the future when women can have sex just the way THEY want it?

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