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weland about message
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Hessausseattle wrote on Apr 3rd 2001, 05:25:23 about


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Communication here is impossible.
The clicking is the noise of the counter counting
each new arrival.
Do not expect to meet them.
Make no sound.
The clicking is the sound of the gas awaiting a light.
Communication here is impossible.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 27th 2001, 23:19:37 about


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The burden of comprehension is on the writer of the text message, not on the reader.

It is up to the writer to make his or her thought crystal clear.

It is not up the reader to try to have to figure out what the writer is trying to say.

This is the fundamental essence of any form of communication.

scotfree wrote on Jun 1st 2001, 20:29:05 about


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The noise and confusion offer no proof that order or logic can in any way prevail. But prevail it will, and with a grandeur that silence and brooding could never approach...

MissGriff wrote on Mar 27th 2001, 21:50:32 about


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Text! Text messages- what did we do before them? They're like haiku, poetry in short form, fantastic idea, not too long so as to get involved in conversation, and just enough time to let people know something.

pa rappa wrote on Oct 9th 2001, 23:19:38 about


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Do not try to answer or comment the text you see above. Nobody will see the things you refer to. Instead, write an atomic text about »message«!

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