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alphapuppy wrote on Nov 6th 2000, 21:35:41 about


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Salmon is a type of very determined fish that swims upstream and leaps over waterfalls for miles and miles just to reproduce

Mazzy wrote on May 31st 2000, 15:30:36 about


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Salmon is one of those colours that hasn't quite got where it's going – orange or pink, it can't decide. It has a certain kindred spirit with olive and mustard which are trying to be green and yellow, but at least they know where they're headed.

voice wrote on Jun 8th 2000, 18:19:25 about


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i watched a salmon swimming up the river. at first i thought that it was trying to be a trout, but then i realised that it was far more sophisticated. it had somehow learnt to swim loop the loops, swerve sideways, leap from the water, and even paddle in reverse.

i wanted to be the salmon, because it would mean that i was skilled at everything.

no_id wrote on Nov 10th 2001, 01:15:32 about


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love it. without any kind of sausage, just raw salmon. so freakin good.

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