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daniel about salmon
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Quincy about salmon
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alphapuppy wrote on Nov 6th 2000, 21:35:41 about


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Salmon is a type of very determined fish that swims upstream and leaps over waterfalls for miles and miles just to reproduce

oui wrote on Oct 29th 2000, 13:34:03 about


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i just fed my cat salmon from a can. i think she liked it. i didn't have any cat food for her. so it was either salmon or old cold cut.

Mazzy wrote on May 31st 2000, 15:30:36 about


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Salmon is one of those colours that hasn't quite got where it's going – orange or pink, it can't decide. It has a certain kindred spirit with olive and mustard which are trying to be green and yellow, but at least they know where they're headed.

Tomick II wrote on May 17th 2000, 09:24:21 about


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There is nothing like a thick slab of salmon to end a friday evening. MMMMMMmmmmmm... lemon.... mmmmm....

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