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Josef wrote on Aug 7th 2000, 04:23:44 about


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Peanut-butter: smooth or crunchy? Personally, I like things that I don't have to chew. Probably because of those dreams I have where I bite something and my teeth shatter. That's probably the closest thing to a nightmare that I've ever had. So, do I have enough keywords yet? Well, don't forget about the irradiated BigCornOar Sauce. It's especially good with soiledpanties. Damn, I'm smooth.

elfboi wrote on Jun 19th 2003, 23:44:40 about


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I like smooth bodies, that's why I enjoy shaving.

capi wrote on Mar 9th 2001, 23:24:38 about


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it's sooooo smooooooth.....-Dave Armstrong----wing-DO!

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