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C. Rice about still
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Umbra di Notte about still
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on Jan 21st 2011, 02:36:18 wrote
Umbra di Notte about still

on Jan 21st 2011, 02:38:49 wrote
Umbra di Notte about still

on Oct 22nd 2001, 10:29:45 wrote
wigbomb about still

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HyperChu wrote on Mar 19th 2001, 01:15:49 about


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When night sets in place, the crickets are inspired to song by the darkness. When the frogs and all other nightly creatures find their niche, they gladly offer their part in this symphony. When the stars hang over us, twinking with laughter over my comic misery, the willow leaves are dancing somberly in the passing wind. So why is it that I, a human, am the only one who is still?

I huddle and exclude myself from these subtle activities. It is then, when my sorrow spirals into infinity, that I know the answer.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 6th 2001, 06:17:52 about


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There is a creepy stillness before a hurricane, a stillness that brings out a tingling of fear developed over the past hundred thousand years.

yourcrookedtooth wrote on Jun 15th 2002, 02:16:36 about


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still light, morning light
rainy-day-through-the-clouds sun
curtain shower, grass grows greener
and you're still not around

miranda wrote on Aug 11th 2004, 04:42:36 about


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And it seemed like all creation was holding its breath in that moment.

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 19th 2003, 20:50:44 about


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Is complete stillness the equivalent of nothingness in Zen Buddhism? In any event, it is probably one of the hardest things to achieve in our noisy, modern world. 'Be still and know that I am God'.....

C. Rice wrote on May 18th 2000, 23:45:29 about


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What we need is the still hot fraction of defense.
Soaked to the skin, stiller than a drop
on a perfectly flat plain,
I will roll, I said I said,
No be still.

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