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Julianne about transgression
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odyss about transgression
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fanny about transgression

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odyss about transgression

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Julianne wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 06:41:46 about


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boundaries fascinate – urging me to leap across – how else will I learn – why they are there

steve wrote on Apr 19th 2000, 07:55:31 about


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Some folks would have us believe that if we rack up enough transgressions in this life, we'll wind up spending eternity in Hell with the Devil, or at the very least in Purgatory with Pauly Shore. Swimming around in the lake of fire with Hitler, Sid Vicious, and Dick Nixon. Almost makes you want to clean up your act, doesn't it? Especially the bit about Pauly Shore.

Gina wrote on Oct 22nd 2002, 14:01:54 about


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The most chronic form of transgression is that extreme variety mankind acts out upon themselves. Not trusting, respecting, and being true to one's own personal convictions, in the end only brings forth a restriction of individual growth. I know from my pass experiences that when you do not stand up and be heard on issues that you feel strong about, you in the end only bring pain, anger and disloyalty to your own personal beliefs. So hold your head high, fight for the right, and never, allow anyone to exterminate your beliefs in one's self. So with this expessed, go out and face the world and have a gouda day!!!!

rachel a b wrote on Apr 15th 2000, 03:09:04 about


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Boundaries are becoming more and more arbitrary. While politicians scramble to enforce them, we can transcend them with the touch of a keypad or the wandering of an imagination.

Austin wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 16:40:09 about


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Sure, I can think about the opposite of transgression. Here's how it works. First, I think about 'transgression' and what it means. To me, it means something like »the act of violating a rule«. Then, I think about what state I would have to be in if I was not transgressing. That's how I think about the opposite of 'transgression' ;)

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