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ERis was said to be twin of ares god of war and that she was the goddes of discord and strife. She often had part in little parts like murders, arguments, and lies. She was at the weddinf of king Peleus and Nymph Thetis and is to said have thrown the Golden Apple which would tell out of hera,sphoridte, and athenia who was the prettiest/most beautiful. WEll they could choose so they had the most handsome man in the world whicxh was Paris son of king Priam of troy had to choose which was the most beautiful. Well they all brived him and saying hera would give him ruling over all of europe and Athenia said to give credit to him in a major winning between the greeks. Aphordite offered love and care. Well paris chose Aphoridie because he caered about love more than anything even being a king or becoming a solder / general in war. Aphoridite and Eris plotted that paris would meet helen and fall in love with her so sphoriste didn't ave to hang around anymore. So thats how the war of troy and the greeks started because paris stole or helped her get out of greece because they were in love and the went off in the troy ship and brung her to troy and her father din't like it so he declared war.

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