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on Sep 21st 2003, 01:59:01, Su Jefe wrote the following about


Googlism for: jefe

jefe is back
jefe is trusted by
jefe is the director of intelligence because a
jefe is looking for
jefe is the continuation of schopenhauer and adp support industrial doom
jefe is very well known in his field
jefe is a rich mexican crime lord who's daughter was knocked up by garcia
jefe is making a break for the loot
jefe is an important place for epiphyte
jefe is not
jefe is the son of two of our best
jefe is switching to movable type and
jefe is 75 and in seeming good health
jefe is on tsl and you're calling that newer and rats is also on tsl and you're calling that older
jefe is a band built on diverse influences and eclectic styles
jefe is one of the jeep
jefe is the esteemed head of security of the fortified city of el santo
jefe is ever really in a state of repose
jefe is pronounced "el hefe
jefe is donating his personal zines for the cause
jefe is quietly rebuilding his decimated militia in preparation to return to atlantica and secure the island nation for his
jefe is an awesome photographer and a cool guy to chill with
jefe is still afraid of lizards
jefe is on his way over and i'm almost all ready to go myself
jefe is
jefe is a wise man
jefe is spanish for "the chief
jefe is claiming he has discovered the meaning of life
jefe is right
jefe is 75
jefe is the purple sentai ranger of doom
jefe is a drinker with a writing problem
jefe is the most stylin' worker present
jefe is a multiple blue ribbon winner including 'get of sire'
jefe is fine
jefe is on his throne
jefe is the only one that isn't bleeding now
jefe is pondering a reorganization at work to deal with how much we have changed since last summer
jefe is spanish for "the boss
jefe is very showy with lots of extension and termino and though just in the bit
jefe is no longer faint with caribbean heat
jefe is a sentimental guy who has a very good heart
jefe is not nearly as concerned about the capture of the priest as his crusading underling
jefe is nowhere to be seen
jefe is ranked 44 and has played for 21h30m in 25 days real name
jefe is impossible to read
jefe is away
jefe is a three
jefe is chivas regal scotch
jefe is cranky
jefe is some kinda prophet sent by some god that isn't the one i killed again this morning
jefe is a fat official who is more often found at the
jefe is actually spanish for boss or chief
jefe is my best adult friend in my day
jefe is ranked 247 and has played for 14h23m in 31 days real name
jefe is null; 2
jefe is a cool rocker and aqui huele como que han fumao kicks the butt of all those stupid »nu metal bands«
jefe is replying to this message
jefe is ranked 16 and has played for 38m in 14 days real name
jefe is long gone? jim e@mail
jefe is a list member of jpor
jefe is female of course
jefe is a nickname; the owner is not a licensed physician or other healthcare professional

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