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Tearing open the very thick plastic foil caused a strangely eating noisily noise. So strangely and thus smacking that Heidi Fröhler easily got a fright and slided to her straight away the work from the foil. These were of all single sheets! These poured forth like an extensive card game on the table, some slided after the edge and fell to ground. When we wanted to bend down, Heidi Fröhler reminded us to the observance and to the care. She bent over the sheets and drew the attention of us to the fact that the sides were not numbered. The biggest part of the sheets lay something fanned out and auseineinandergerutscht before us, and can be pushed together – apart from some single sheets – fortunately, immediately in the right order again. With the smaller part fallen to ground it was similar, however, considerably more sheets had fluttered apart and cannot be brought with certainty any more conclusively in the original order. Probably every of us thought at these moments of the destiny of DIE KRYPTISCHEN TEXTE, to the main work of Zero Zoxx, in (partly from author even so artificial) sides, order and reconstruction and updating chaos to which that written work had passed. Almost it seemed as if the master also has here, with this (even if considerably smaller) chaos, again the hand with in the play, and I thought of course of this loudly, strange smacks of the foil and of the strange humor of the master how one had described him to me countless times.

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