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Yadgar about Linux

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Fanny C wrote on Nov 6th 2001, 19:03:53 about


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Linux and Linus are there any connections? At the first sight no.But if you look closer, you can see the imgaination behind the ideas.
Linus, invented by Charles M.Schulz doesn't do much, but insisting on being a child, behaving like children do, refuses to be influenced by anybody or anything – that has made him famous for gnerations.
Behind Linux in the contrary you can discover the will of poeple not to be depend on huge firms with much money and many paid brains in the background.They developed their own computer-programm-effecitv, cheap and successfull.

So Linus an Linux are both winners, they go there own way.

Alvar wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 23:37:41 about


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Do you know? The Assoziations-Blaster is running under Linux.

At the beginning the Blaster was running under M$ Windows NT, but in the middle of 1999 we moved to Linux.

Tacy wrote on Jun 14th 2000, 00:43:57 about


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Linux is our hobby, our love and passion. Independence and liberty mean peace in our minds.
A well known enemy has some other vision: money, uniformity, using tricks of all kinds.
The BigBlackBox hides lethal dangers inside! Remember: Secret features make world domination easy.
Like a crystal clear jewel is Linux, our pride. It's GNU, more than UNIX. Have a nice day! – Tacy.

Noah Schumaker wrote on Feb 22nd 2001, 14:32:16 about


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If love is let go, it is a eternal regret. If it is never understood, much is lost. If love is reached for and lost, it rips the soul apart. If love is taken away, the soul turns to rage for comfort. Love is something that we should all have, but few really do....

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