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Emma Example wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 21:40:32 about


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Some people say that it's a God-given right to own a firearm. However, I did some research and found that God was not one of the signers of the U.S. constitution. God didn't give us the right to »keep and bear arms«. White landowners who didn't want slave rebellions gave us that right. Enjoy!

pidibi wrote on Mar 3rd 2001, 20:08:48 about


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The mind is the weapon that the government fears most.

Tania and Adrian wrote on Jun 28th 2005, 04:40:32 about


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old men who dance well are pretty a o fucking k with me!

Their secret weapon is brill cream and plenty of it combed right in there till their hair is like a bicycle helmet

most definitely, that and their lucky underpants...why is it that no one believes in lucky underpants no more?...i am at a loss for words

me too

the old pirate wrote on Mar 7th 2001, 02:40:15 about


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Weaponry gives a person the power to accomplish what his wit or intelligence cannot.

Alvar wrote on Apr 13th 2000, 01:15:20 about


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Please explain me, why US citizens are so in love with weapons!

It seems that they not only love the freedom of speech, but also the freedom of to be shot off.

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