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the mad one wrote on Feb 9th 2001, 13:44:34 about


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Today is just tomorrow's yesterday.

Greyson wrote on Oct 8th 2000, 07:30:53 about


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Basically, yesterday doesn't exist anymore; there is just »now« and the anticipation of the coming tomorrow.

rachel a b wrote on Apr 15th 2000, 02:53:59 about


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The linear opposite of yesterday is tomorrow, but that seems too easy.

Yesterday is experience and regrets.

Tomorrow is opportunity and anticipation.

Zadya wrote on Mar 29th 2000, 17:44:48 about


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Today is between yesterday and tomorrow.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 12th 2001, 17:21:14 about


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Yesterdays are important. So are tomorrows. The present really doesn't make much difference – which is why it exists for only a moment at a time.

If we can remember the good things that were, and give the good things to be enough room to happen, we'll be just fine.

oui wrote on Oct 29th 2000, 13:47:21 about


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everyone says bullshit like »yesterday doesn't matter...(etcand and »the future! the future!...« and i really enjoy thinking about my yesterdays and I think you can't forget your yesterdays because that would be forgetting wher you came from. yesterdays are important to your future yesterdays. well maybe. I do live day to day though, so i guess my future's goal is to become a whole bunch of yesterday that I can think about later and cry, laugh, smile. all the good stuff

Karl Kortezone wrote on Apr 10th 2000, 18:43:45 about


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In a rare display of humility Paul McCartney once admitted that his original idea for perhaps his most famous (and best) song was 'Scrambled Eggs'. The chorus went something like, 'Scrambled eggs, how I loved your legs' and so on. This highlights the importance of knowing when to stop and when to go on when creating any work of art. It is a good job for Paul and for everyone else that he decided to have another look at his efforts. At the same time many works of art can be spoiled, their freshness destroyed by an over-zelous examination by their creator.

Melissa wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 23:55:38 about


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Yesterday is a sepia-toned photograph, a clipper ship, a lace-trimmed parasol, a loaf of freshly baked bread....

But yesterday is also the arrogance of the Raj, colonial slaves mining diamonds and gold in Africa, the worst period of lynchings in the Southern United States, Removals of native peoples from their lands throughout the world....

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