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Jean-Claude Choul wrote on Mar 4th 2002, 23:31:00 about


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Anagrams relate to various forms of thought or writing, as shown by the »anastrophe«, or reversal of the usual order of words, or the alliteration: »anathematized anatomy«. Etymological thinking is also a derisive tool when not applied as a serious method of knowledge: the Greek meaning of »anatomy« was »cutting up«. From that point of view, anagrams are concretions of analogies, in a way similar to metaphors and similes. Parallel thinking is not far, as are word-games invented by the Surrealists and deconstruction.

Captain Steve wrote on Jul 29th 2002, 17:24:42 about


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Numerous conspiracy theories have been built in part upon the theory that writers unconciously reveal themselves by anagram-matically confessing in otherwise innocent texts. Take your own last bit of writing and see what evil you have wrought.

Jean-Claude Choul wrote on Mar 4th 2002, 23:57:55 about


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No one should be caught without his anagram tool; when this happens, you can always make it up, by reading somebody's writing and dissecting it. All it takes is a sharp mind and an analytical eye. Even if one of these items is missing, you can resort to dyslexia. Making a »tool« a »fool«. And imagine how boring can be Plain Text. In fact, even borrowed anagrammatic tools can be useful, as veil-->evil, and reading the paper become a new experience. Sense-shifting and homophonic substitutions can work as well. Of course, these are destructive methods and serious thinking takes quite a blow, as well as authority figures.

Jean-Claude Choul wrote on Mar 4th 2002, 23:10:31 about


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Although de Saussure's work on anagrams is now a reference work, there is still room for considerations on a writing process that seems at first quite harmless and sterile, although used in problem-solving tasks. In fact, false etymologies are typical of a anagrammatic interpretation, as seeing a »mare« (female horse) in »nightmare«. The same process is at work in the literal reading (defusing) of a metaphor (false teeth/false pearls) or idioms (cf. running late). And of course, in the making of puns. Many public figures (including writers) have resorted to anagrams for their pseudonym.

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