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on Feb 12th 2008, 14:10:56 wrote
ben about fruit

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Quincy about fruit

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Emma Example about fruit

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Pip wrote on May 30th 2000, 10:25:37 about


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Why are people so obsessed with morals? I just don't get it, they just create problems – why create barriers, and lines that you can't cross when one day you, or someone who is important to you, even essential, is going to do something they 'shouldn't', accidentally or deliberately.

If you're moral, you can't deal with the particular situation at hand, you have to follow what the moral code says, but if you're not moral, and simply alive and sensitive to the world, if you try and make positive things happen as often as possible, then you can usually cope with things that moral people can't, a hell of a lot better – because you have only the problem at hand, not the problems that all the moral bullshit that goes with the problem to deal with as well.

I'm not advocating »evil«, I don't think that should be an issue either – people who hurt others, can be very moral in all the ways that people see, but nasty pricks mostly, people who are negative are negative, people who are positive are positive, some of the most amoral people are excellent.

This has nothing to do with fruit.

chorus wrote on May 7th 2000, 23:49:57 about


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Somedays you just don't feel like it.
Somedays you do.
There is something virtuous about fruit.
Its moral – more moral than potatoes for example. They are lazy.
Cabbages are poor and brussell sprouts obscene.
Peas are energetic – carrots crazy.
But I think I like spinach – it sticks in your teeth and tastes salty – it is hardworking.

Reginald wrote on May 23rd 2004, 07:07:21 about


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Fruit – apple, banana, cherry, date, etc.

stormvogel wrote on Aug 31st 2002, 20:17:16 about


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Love is the true fruit of Life.

Eta ~ wrote on Oct 25th 2000, 22:09:31 about


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One of the greatest delights when travelling through imaginary countries is the moment of discovery when biting into an unknown fruit. I will never forget the puckering in my mouth and the great shiver that ran down my spine when one morning at breakfast I popped a small boor-geresy into my mouth. Oh, to return to Erewhon!

Josef wrote on Apr 22nd 2000, 18:06:51 about


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God told me (in a recent email) that I should »be fruitful and multiplyAnd I plan to, at some point. But right now I'd just like to say that most sports will benefit from the addition of fruit in the place of regular equipment... usually balls and whatnot. Apples can work, but I prefer oranges, plums, or overripe gourds. Bananas, sadly, do not work for most sports. But they are holy in all other respects and should be treated thusly.

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