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Field Marshall Stack wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 18:16:31 about


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I mentioned this before, I think (or was it after (in any case, time was involved in one way or another)), but is it true that it's impossible to hold a conversation if the various contributions to that conversation cannot be arranged in a linear sequence from earliest to latest? I don't know. If I spend enough time on this site, I get the distinct impression that I'm talking to myself .

Reginald wrote on Aug 11th 2004, 11:56:30 about


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Linear – straight, undeviating; like a line, one-dimensional.

panjandrum wrote on May 9th 2000, 23:45:19 about


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two arrows, in parallel and in tandem, take out the twin-hearted elk; it is the bitter terminus of his story.

Faybro wrote on Apr 23rd 2000, 06:19:18 about


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Linearity is an important thing to have when dealing with business problems. If you don't have linearity, it becomes very hard to solve problems without calculus. And calculus makes my teeth hurt.

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