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Poop is mostly shades of brown or yellow, but other colors can arise under certain circumstances. For example, someone with a bleeding ulcer might have tarry black poop from the presence of partially digested blood. Bleeding in the intestine, from an anal fissure or split, for example, can stain the poop red. Bloody poop can also be a sign of colon cancer, so you should get it checked out by a doctor if you see blood in your stool. Some illnesses in babies gives them green or even blue-green poop. But another source of blue poop in children is more innocent: it can come from eating a concentrated source of blue food coloring such as ice cream. Intense red food coloring can produce bright red poop. Sometimes brightly colored foods pass through the gut almost unchanged, and the turd may be speckled with bright red fragments such as pimentos, or bright yellow kernels of corn.
Poop can also be stained red if you eat beets.
One can experience white poop after consuming a barium milkshake for the purposes of getting an x-ray of the upper gastrointestinal tract.

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Have I got a new proposition for you! Its the new POOPER 3000! Hold on tight as we fly into the not so far away future.
<you're sitting alone, its quiet, the breeze is fresh on your face, nothing except for your pen and the paper you are drawing on exists. Suddenly you have an odd feeling starting from below and working itself up....what do you do?! Take a visit to the crapper!!>
You see its not just those lucky few people, its you and you and you! Everybody can and will enjoy the POOPER 3000!

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