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pmg wrote on Aug 26th 2004, 09:44:10 about


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Most postal services have a place for letters which cannot be delivered.

It's called the »Dead Letter Office« but there's probably a more official name as well.

jkt wrote on Aug 26th 2004, 04:46:45 about


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That was weird! I just tried to correct my first entry for »post« because there was a line of space missing after the first paragraph. All of a sudden my browser window got small and I was at some ossjodi site with an all black window and it started flashing and crashed.

Must be some major bug hacked into the undone function here.

jkt wrote on Aug 26th 2004, 04:41:14 about


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Wow! This is only my third post and already I have the opportunity to add a keyword, to ENRICH THE ASSOZIATIONS-BLASTER!!

I just happened to discover the site today and I was thinking it would be a LONG time before I was given a chance to add a keyword in a post.

»Post«, by the way, was NOT a keyword in my first post. So that is why I decided to add it now as my first keyword.

I wonder if keyword is already a keyword.

allallstone wrote on Jul 1st 2008, 18:38:07 about


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letter wood minor sun england canada dog day wood england

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