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Groggy groove about smoke
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mr. peabody about smoke

on Nov 19th 2008, 18:47:21 wrote
ffff about smoke

on Oct 15th 2002, 05:48:29 wrote
mr. peabody about smoke

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citron vert wrote on Mar 30th 2001, 14:26:16 about


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As a child, I could gaze enchanted at smoke curling in ever-changing patterns from a smoldering ember.

Now, chaos theory can predict how these swirls will form.

I'm all for science.

But somehow such a use of chaos theory takes a chip out of the magic of the beauty of the event.

mj wrote on Aug 10th 2004, 22:24:47 about


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The Internet is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

And a few gazillion bits of data.

domandologo wrote on Jun 13th 2005, 19:18:29 about


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Smoking causes you to age prematurely and gives you wrinkles. Many attractive women find it a put off. It costs a lot of money that you could spend on something useful like make-up or a new videogame. It leaves stains on your fingernails.

What other excuses can we give young people to quit or not to start?

Certainly telling them that it's bad for their health isn't convincing. After all they are gonna live forever. Like James Dean and the Cowboy riding into the sunset.

Dortessa wrote on Dec 6th 2000, 21:17:39 about


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Smogon and smogmog are smoking Pokemon. This is the James Pokemon. Team Rocket, the looser of eternity.

Groggy groove wrote on Oct 10th 2000, 20:56:48 about


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Now the Irish have a new clinic for those who want to stop smoking. It's called Nicotine’s Anonymous. If you get the urge to smoke, you call them and they send a man over and you get drunk together.

Bushmaster wrote on Mar 4th 2002, 11:46:44 about


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Smoke in chaos now there is a thought.

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