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Emma Example about start
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Emma Example about start
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jorge about start

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manuel about start

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boring about start

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The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens wrote on Jul 25th 2004, 00:05:18 about


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It was easy to find the key belonging to the outer door, for each was labelled on a scrap of yellow parchment. Its very turning in the lock awoke a hollow sound, and when she entered with a faltering step, the echoes that it raised in closing, made her start.

alicia wrote on May 13th 2004, 10:45:22 about


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On your mark! Get set!! GO!!!

matthew wrote on May 12th 2004, 07:03:20 about


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Gentlemen, start your engines!

Emma Example wrote on Dec 2nd 2003, 16:42:35 about


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It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometimes! What better place than here, what better time than now?

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