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Mazzy wrote on Sep 5th 2000, 17:31:26 about


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If a law is described as »having no teeth« then it's probably not worth appealing to it. On the other hand if a person has no teeth then that may just be not particularly appealing.

an honorless dog wrote on Dec 14th 2000, 07:46:45 about


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he smiled with those gleaming white teeth of his. those teeth that tormented me so each night in my dreams. if he had said another word just then, i would have killed him.

Josef wrote on Aug 1st 2000, 01:37:19 about


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A being made of pure teeth would be very fearsome. However, it would not be very effectual. Lacking muscles and nerve tissue, it would not be a great threat. Yet, tooth enamel is the hardest substance in a human body. So stick that in your craw, Frank.

gerj wrote on Aug 11th 2002, 05:04:55 about


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I work in a deli at the supermarket. i noticed that there are alot of toothless people around here. Does it have any connection with eating lunchmeat? Not that being toothless is a bad thing. But i never noticed how many people there are around here with rotting and missing teeth until I worked in the deli at the supermarket.

lil monkey wrote on Feb 9th 2001, 23:01:16 about


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Terrified of metal. Why do I prefer the constriction of a dental dam while at the dentist's (and no, not the sexy way, just the cover-the-tooth way). And where can I get a tooth hole puncher like he uses?

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