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The following contains the last secret communication received from Shannon before she vanished into none-existence at an underground Buddhist Temple. Her vows forbade her to communicate with the outside world. The penalty breaking that vow and talking about the secret rituals could be punished by torture and death, like ripping out her tongue, cutting off one of her arms and both legs and finally poking out her eyes, thus she willingly herself has to perform that at her own pace on her body.

Bodhisattvas Vow

When I, (a student of Dharma) look at the real form of the universe, all is the never-failing manifestation of the mysterious truth of the Tathagata. In any event, in any moment, and in any place, none can be other then the marvelous revelation of its glorious light. This realization made our patriarchs and virtuous Zen masters extend tender care, with the heart of worshipping, even to such beings as beast and birds. This realization teaches us that our daily food and drink, clothes and protection of life, are the warm flesh and blood, the merciful incarnation of Buddha. Who can be ungrateful or not respectful even to senseless things, not to speak of man? Even though he might be a fool, be warm and compassionate toward him. If by chance he should turn against us, and become a sworn enemy, and abuse and persecute us, we should sincerely bow down with humble language in reverent belief that he is the merciful avatar of Buddha who uses devices to emancipate us from sinful karma that has been produced and accumulated upon ourselves by our own egoistic delusion and attachment through the countless cycles of Kalpa.

Then on each moments flash of our thought there will grow a lotus flower and on each lotus flower will be revealed a Buddha. These Buddhas will glorify Sukhavati, the Pure Land, every moment and everywhere.

May we extend this mind over all beings so that we and the world together may attain maturity in Buddhas wisdom.

The guru explained Bodhisattvas should eat only enough to keep their bodies alive for meditation, sex practicing and childbirth. Whenever the guru does not need our bodies then we are meditating day and night chanting the Bodhisattvas vows repeatedly to prepare our mind and body for all future need of the gurus.

I was skinny and lost in the last months over 40 pounds. My body being admired by my guru likes being a goddess for his sexual pleasure. I already did cut off the nipples off my breasts serving him as food and my blood escaping my open breasts as his drink. I received many stitches to stop the bleeding to extend my life serving my guru. I like to get pregnant soon to make my contribution for the kindness of my gurus.

Besides wealth and material objects, I a bodhisattva being ready to sacrifice my limbs for the good of others, my hand, foot, eye, flesh, blood, marrow, limbs great and small, and even my head.

After I sacrifice my eyes I completely surrendered irrevocable to my masters the gurus to do with my body what they want. And when they practicing sex using my body their lingums or mouths can suck out the feminine fluid or my menstruation from my yoni, the lotus of my body, that they herewith will obtain my female powers. And during my pregnancies I shall pray to have healthy boys so they can be raised somewhere else for the profit of our temple to become Buddhas for the benefit of the world. And healthy girls I bear shall continue my saga being raised somewhere else becoming a Bodhisattva like I to serve with their bodies our gurus as I am. When I am no longer useful for our gurus then with my own right hands left I shall myself remove with a sharp fiery knife all my female body parts, my breast and yoni that I die in a male shape in order to be able to be allowed to enter the pure land, the paradise. And then while I am dying my removed body parts and the reminder of my warm body including my warm flowing blood shall be used as food and drink for my gurus and the temples congregation which I shall without my eyes sense with pleasure my bodies flesh being consumed while suffering joyful in pain for the bad karma of all the females of the world while my earthly life fading away entering the pure land.

And at my last act before my entire physical power ceases I will with my own hand without guidance cutting my own head off for my gurus requiring it for meditation.

After all my body meat has been eaten my bones being used for meditation or any remainder of my corpse shall be burned and the ashes fed to the fishes.

These are my sacrifices I am dreaming of happily whenever falling asleep during long nights of meditation.

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