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K. Rawson about Guideline

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wigbomb about Guideline

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Guidelines for good Blaster Keywords:

To form an influential keyword that creates links in many texts, please consider using the singular form of a word. For example »potatoe«. The plural »potatoes« will be generated by the Assoziations-Blaster automatically.

Spaces are not allowed in keywords. Do not try to go around this limitation with constructions like »JohnSmith« or »CompleteManiacs«. Nobody is going to write something similar in a different text, and your keyword will never be linked.

Remember that anything you write will be indexed by search engines and eventually draw new users to the Assoziations-Blaster. You will attract just that type of people your writing appeals to.

If you want to enter someones name as a keyword, do not use constructions like »RonaldReagan« or »Ronald-Reagan«. This is not likely to be typed in by anyone else, so your keyword will never be linked and lost. – The Assoziations-Blaster's strength is not exact information, but connecting things together. So consider if you would like just »Ronald« as a keyword, it will connect Ronald Reagan with Ronald McDonald and any other Ronald in the world.

Maybe you want to make up an original keyword like »Gooboobrainsuckinworminnabreadcrumb«. But remember that this word will not appear in any other text than your own. Try to use more common words for keywords and write interesting texts instead.

Don't try to answer a text you are just looking at. The next person reading your text will most likely not know the text you referred to. Repeat the proposition you want to comment in your own text. Wrong: »No, that's not trueRight: »Dinosaurs have not died out. They are still living on the sea ground

Avoid to create a keyword from very common but quite meaningless words like »the« or »a« – until you have something really good to write about it.

Some random keywords

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