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Jeff wrote on May 1st 2000, 06:59:50 about


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Time will destroy you. There will come a day in the future when you will be free of regret, hope, fear, tomorrow, even yesterday.

K. Rawson wrote on Jul 3rd 2000, 02:20:05 about


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spiders dropped down Jarg's throating wordering if all the spinach he ate created the wrong kind of gas? you know the type? the type that wafts heavy bubbles of rose collered perfume accrossed hallwaysd of dim white noise where a housewife sits collecting dust and smoking pall mall after pall mall wondering when hubby is coming back from the ejaculation joint down the street where the young girls don't give a damn what the motherfucker smells like, unlike dear wifey, who can't stand the smell of the cafeteria clinging to his breath.

chorus wrote on May 7th 2000, 23:41:24 about


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Time does not destroy – to be free of regret, hope, fear, tomorrow and even yesterday is possible now. Time energises I think.
Our enemy is stillness, no-change and safety.
What looks safe is evil, what seems comfort is poison.

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 4th 2001, 16:54:02 about


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»I am the enemy you killed, my friend....« (Strange Meeting, by Wilfrid Owen). That tells us all we need to know about the pointlessness of war.

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