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Dr. No wrote on Feb 11th 2004, 14:11:21 about


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Sometimes I wonder about these activists who are so outspoken in their crusade for female-superiority. Biggotry is what it is, most of us have learned to recognize it and get past it so we can get on with life. Stop over-compensating for your own guilt.

Emma Example wrote on Dec 24th 2004, 14:37:46 about


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Yes there are some biological facts that make stupid people seem indeed superior. But humans and human societies are incredibly complex. While it is true that stupid persons think they are better at school, for example, that does not have to say anything. At least, in my opinion, it can't be wholly explained by biolgy. And see, school today still isn't such a great system...success on that field should not be mistaken for superiority.

nOthing wrote on Jul 10th 2003, 02:07:17 about


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Do not mistake sadomasochism for sadism and
masochism. The first one is a cool thing, the
other two are mental illnesses.

Jakob the dark Hobbit wrote on Mar 15th 2004, 20:41:54 about


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Whatever biology says, the few more years women live and the better marks they get at school are
insignificant. Only a society based on equality is
History shows what happens if a group of people decides they are superior. Romans, whites, men,
we have seen a lot of examples. There is actually no reason to believe that, if the world was ruled only by women, it would turn into Eden, as claimed by some people here.
But the fact that women today are confident and competent will be good for men too. Because competition is always good.

WBmar wrote on Sep 6th 2003, 05:27:17 about


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Male bashing has its roots in the feminist movement. Having gained a sort of equality, they now assert their superiority by exploiting male weaknesses and judging their faults.

Emma Example wrote on Feb 11th 2004, 21:34:26 about


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22 i.e. the manner like these interactions in the network of digital discourses carries out themselves, its free shape and availability is the crucial point. The distinction between writing and reading, more exactly said between the documents of writing and reading is first of all medial shifted in digital environments: We can write in the network directly on each page, without having to draw still any tools such as shears, pencil, druckerpresse, because evenly exactly this witnesswitness witness as Tools and programs, when Client are executable Plug in, server programs in the same medium configuration, which are responsible already for displaying the page. The break through-conjugated endlessly by the Dekonstruktivismus that all texts from other texts are together-cut that in each book a further is, which wants out the fact that the texts do not arrive with the readers but as active processprocess processes around the blank characters of the texts, books and discourses around again to constitute exactly, is now in the digital discourses into the code written:

Suzanne wrote on Jan 12th 2004, 18:38:57 about


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it is the time to human to live in a better world in which human manage,program and rule.
this is what our modern society desires for life.
now democracy means vote to choose the best human president,senator,mayor,..( having no human candidate)
liberty would be something human would grant to the world.
this is the reality.

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