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Emma Example about heaven
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Michel and Bruno and a shade of Batemann about heaven
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on May 27th 2005, 02:36:36 wrote
quart about heaven

on Jan 7th 2005, 00:14:12 wrote
Emma Example about heaven

on Jul 1st 2003, 15:08:24 wrote
fuugus about heaven

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mark wrote on Dec 17th 2004, 16:50:10 about


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Heaven on earth is when we care about others!

gyula wrote on Jan 10th 2005, 23:02:20 about


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Last time I was in heaven, they had hot potatoes, butter and salt.
Next time round, I'll bring a plate.

Wilson wrote on Jan 25th 2005, 06:19:48 about


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Now there's a job for you – real estate agent for heaven!

nick the click wrote on Jan 7th 2005, 01:06:35 about


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>>Heaven Can Wait<< was a film released in 1978, starring Warren Beatty as 'Joe Pendleton' and James Mason as 'Mr. Jordan'.

It was based on >>Here Comes Mr. Jordan<<, a film from 1941.

Domandologo wrote on Jan 17th 2006, 09:48:41 about


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If »heaven« is not at hand, what can one do? Write it down! Create a little bit of heaven here and now: help someone, listen, understand, do what you can to help.

Fagan wrote on Sep 27th 2005, 17:47:59 about


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Hundreds of hippies camping in the woods, that's heaven. Hippy chicks dancing in the light of the moon, that's heaven. Sitting at the fire smoking some weed, walking in the dark toward sound of drum beats, drinking all you want and having plenty to eat, that's heaven, it's heaven.

scarlet wrote on Sep 3rd 2006, 22:10:17 about


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Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of (his) judgment is come; and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

hankster wrote on Mar 30th 2003, 03:11:21 about


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in heaven there is no beer that's why we drink it here!

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